Building a Guaranteed Irish House: Over 70 Construction Businesses in Ireland Commit to Shortening Supply Chains.

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CRH, Etex, Kingspan and Wavin identify demand for first national listing of construction sector businesses based in Ireland.

Guaranteed Irish is providing a platform for construction-based businesses in Ireland to encourage climate solutions for the built environment. The Guaranteed Irish House initiative is the country’s first national digital listing of construction sector businesses based in Ireland. The sustainable initiative by Guaranteed Irish offers architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and interior designers a listing of locally produced raw building materials and home furnishings for both private and commercial builds. The Guaranteed Irish House initiative encourages the use of shorter supply chains, aiming to support construction businesses in Ireland reduce their carbon emissions.

The online listing includes all the elements of the supply chain required for a building, from raw materials to final furnishings, that can be sourced locally, supporting jobs and communities in Ireland. The listing is open to all Guaranteed Irish members that manufacture and supply products and services used in the build, retrofit and design of private and commercial projects in Ireland, at no additional expense to the member. Research conducted earlier this year found that 98% of members agree Guaranteed Irish successfully shows how support for local businesses and communities can help develop a sustainable local economy.

As the Guaranteed Irish House initiative aligns with the government’s Climate Action Plan, Guaranteed Irish is calling on the sustainable community to join the initiative to further the national 2030 Climate Action Plan ambitions of upgrading 500,000 homes, the installation of 400,000 heat pumps, and the introduction of zero-emission heating to over 50,000 commercial buildings. Guaranteed Irish is paying particular focus to businesses in Ireland contributing in the areas of renewable energy, home energy upgrades, circular economy, energy efficiency, sustainable materials and more.

Leading global construction firms, CRH, Etex, Kingspan and Wavin are supportive of the need for a standardised specification listing of sustainable construction and interiors sector businesses for Ireland. These firms operate in Ireland, protect local jobs, and support our communities. This is one of many steps Guaranteed Irish is taking to support Ireland’s Climate Action Plan while supporting local manufacturers and suppliers and in turn, contributing to the local economy amid the social and economic impacts of the climate crisis. Highlighting the growing appetite for sustainability in the Irish economy, Guaranteed Irish’s research found that 95% of members agree that being a Guaranteed Irish member demonstrates sustainability is important for their business.

John Bradley, Country Manager and Director at Etex Ireland welcomes the initiative. “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Etex. We have one brand in our range, Cedral, that brings all of our residential materials together, so being a part of the Guaranteed Irish House initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to help people build homes that are not just beneficial, but safe, smart and sustainable. It is great to have a dedicated place to find all your local Guaranteed Irish products, to easily see who out there can help you to reduce the carbon footprint of your build, so we can contribute to a better Ireland today and for generations to come.”

Michael O’Donohoe, Country Director of Wavin Ireland, says “Wavin is delighted to be a part of the Guaranteed Irish House initiative. This is a fantastic development which seeks to clearly identify local manufacturers and suppliers of products and services in the Irish context. This has become all the more relevant and important given the considerable disruption we have all experienced over the last twelve months, particularly with Brexit, with issues over supply and price escalation. I would urge anyone to look at Guaranteed Irish House to identify those products and services that they can consider using, and to engage with those companies. The shortening of supply chains and sourcing locally within the community is a key initiative which we should all embrace and work with. Sustainability is at the core of this initiative and is very much a key part of Wavin’s principles, which is all around building healthy, sustainable environments.”

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