Guaranteed Irish partners with the Nature Trust to plant native Irish trees, committing to climate action.

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Nature Trust to plant native Irish trees

Planting the first Guaranteed Irish Forest

Dublin, Ireland – October 2022: Guaranteed Irish are partnering with the Nature Trust to plant the first ever Guaranteed Irish Forest of native Irish trees. The not-for-profit national organisation has ambitions to work with their members to reduce their impact and minimise collective carbon emissions over the next decade and beyond. In the meantime, one project will include the planting of a Guaranteed Irish Forest to encourage climate action engagement, increase biodiversity and improve public health and wellbeing. The Guaranteed Irish Forest initiative involves a partnership with the Nature Trust, a not-for-profit company backed by Coillte, who are establishing native woodlands in communities across Ireland.

The partnership includes a three-year programme with the Nature Trust to establish a Guaranteed Irish Forest with native Irish trees including oak, holly, birch, alder, rowan and hawthorn. The biodiversity project will be supported by a grouping of Guaranteed Irish members, with planting, maintenance and upkeep to be overseen by the forestry experts at the Nature Trust.

The current forestry targets under the national Climate Action Plan are set at planting 8,000 hectares per year, however, as a nation we are falling far behind this. At present, approximately 11% of our country is under forest, with only around 2% under native woodland. To contribute towards the native forestry targets, the Guaranteed Irish Forest project aims to plant approximately 40,000 tree saplings over the three-year initiative. The forest size will be about 14 hectares, a substantial sized forest for sustaining biodiversity. Once planted, the forest will become a public amenity for future generations in the local community to enjoy.

Guaranteed Irish membership shows commitment from businesses based in Ireland to provide quality jobs, while supporting the local community. The Guaranteed Irish Forest initiative aligns with the values of the business membership organisation, in creating employment for forestry upkeep and maintenance, benefitting a local community with access to a new amenity, and contributing to the national native Irish forestry targets.

Speaking on the launch of the Guaranteed Irish Forest initiative, Bríd O’Connell, Guaranteed Irish CEO said, “Guaranteed Irish are delighted to partner with the Nature Trust to plant the first ever Guaranteed Irish Forest. Along with the support of our participating Guaranteed Irish members, we are proud to establish this legacy project. The Guaranteed Irish Forest project is one initiative in our sustainability strategy that encourages our members to support biodiversity and climate action, benefitting our environment and creating social impact in our local communities.”

Dr Ciarán Fallon, Managing Director of the Nature Trust, says “The Nature Trust is proud to work with Guaranteed Irish to create a new native Irish woodland with public access, which will benefit both people and nature. Guaranteed Irish is a mark that we all associate with high quality Irish goods and services, and the Guaranteed Irish Forest initiative is a wonderful way to celebrate their sustainability commitments’.

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