Abbey Seals

Ireland's leading provider of seals and gaskets to numerous industries throughout Ireland.

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Even in heavy machinery, it’s the little things that count. And unless you’re involved in the manufacturing industry, you’ve maybe never thought twice about seals and gaskets. But since 1983, we’ve been thinking long and hard about these indispensable components that keep the world’s machines running. So where can you find our parts? They’re used in agriculture, waste treatment plants, food and beverage production including brewery and distillery, the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment, energy production… the list goes on.

We’re a second generation family-run business based in Dublin and Cork, and over the last four decades, we’ve been Ireland’s leading provider of seals and gaskets. Whether it’s factory machinery, engines, pharmaceutical equipment, heavy construction or any other industry you can think of, our parts have worked in millions of applications, sealing machine joints all over Ireland and further afield. We like to keep things friction-free!

We’re a company built on innovation, and our years of investment and training is passed directly to you and the smooth running of your systems. Your success is our success, so we’ll always put your needs first. We have a huge range of gaskets, o-rings and seals in stock in our Cork and Dublin warehouses, and if we don’t have exactly what you need in stock, we can simply make it for you.

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