Driving decarbonisation forward. Enabling energy independence.

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Astatine specialises in identifying and implementing renewable energy technologies tailored to clients’ specific requirements. Astatine are your decarbonisation partners.

Highly Experienced Team with keen focus on:

  • Accelerating the transition to renewable energy in Ireland
  • Reducing carbon emissions for large energy users across multiple sectors
  • Delivering projects from concept stage through construction and commissioning to operational stage.

Developing solutions tailored to meet clients’ needs

  • Identifying the roadmap to decarbonisation
  • Developing solutions to meet heat & power requirements
  • Project management through implementation stage to completion

Offering tailored financing. You fund it, or we fund it!

  • Turnkey solution – design, build and install with grant funding applications managed on client’s behalf
  • Fully funded solutions – a utility service charging only for power and heat consumed
  • Short to long term corporate PPAs

Our Approach 

Astatine’s portfolio of solutions are tailored to directly target and reduce reported carbon emissions under Scope 1, 2 and 3 of the EU ETS.

Electrification of Heat

High Temperature Heat Pumps

Onsite Solar PV Power

Offsite Corporate PPAs

Decarbonising Heat & Power
for your Supply Chain

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