Sustainable manufacturing in Circular Economy, Healthy Irish made Insulation

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Ecocel manufactures cellulose fibre insulation from locally sourced recycled newspapers. As Ecocel cellulose is pumped in it achieves a level of air-tightness not possible with any sheet or roll out material. [in situ blower door tests show 20% improvement in air tightness just with cellulose no specialised air tightness actions]

Ecocel will last the life span of the building and make the building safer in event of fire. Ecocel due to its natural fibres creates a healthy indoor air quality and is Carbon Neutral when installed.

Sustainable manufacturing in Circular Economy, Healthy Irish made Insulation.

Best value insulation in Ireland, Ecocel are proud members of Guaranteed Irish. Guaranteed Irish is a not-for-profit business membership organisation representing businesses in Ireland since 1974.

Guaranteed Irish is the original symbol of provenance in business in Ireland. Our members span all sectors including pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, construction, energy, professional services, tourism, food and drink, art and design, retail & more. We award the Guaranteed Irish symbol to indigenous and international companies operating in Ireland which provide quality jobs, support local communities and are committed to Irish provenance. When assessing an applicant for membership, we look at three core criteria; jobs, community & provenance.

Beginning as a campaign ran by the Irish Goods Council in December 1974, Guaranteed Irish became an independent non-profit organisation in 1984 and was launched by President Patrick Hillery. Over four decades, the Guaranteed Irish symbol has become one of the most recognised symbols in the country. In 2017, Guaranteed Irish was rebranded and relaunched by An Taoiseach, Mr. Enda Kenny, T.D., with the original logo from the campaign’s inception. Led by CEO, Brid O’Connell, and a new Board of Directors and team, the organisation repositioned by opening up membership to international companies operating in Ireland.

Our member companies now directly employ 120,000+ people in Ireland and generate a turnover of €11.2bn here. Globally, these companies generate a turnover of €29.7bn. Currently, 46% of the members export, primarily to the UK, US and mainland Europe.

With 1,900+ members and growing, we believe that we are #AllTogetherBetter.

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