EcoDry offers year round drying and peace of mind that your clothes will dry in all weather.

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The Ecodry Canopy Clothes Line was born out of a conversation with my wife about the frustration we had trying to get clothes dried on our conventional clothes line. What began as a small idea to help drying clothes in our own home then grew into the EcoDry Canopy Clothes Line product.

EcoDry Canopy Clothes Lines offer year round drying while being kind to your pocket and the environment. EcoDry Canopy Clothes Lines will eliminate your need for a conventional clothes line – which realistically we don’t get to use too often in Ireland!

With an EcoDry Canopy Clothes Line you can also get rid of any clothes horse you have lying around the house creating more space in your home and reducing the risk of mould and damp which could be damaging to your health. With a unique design and along with the use of high quality materials EcoDry is a one off investment.

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