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Kingscourt Brick, part of the Breedon group, manufactures and supplies clay masonry products. Based in Co. Cavan, Kingscourt Brick’s heritage spans over 100 years.

The Breedon Group, proud Guaranteed Irish House members, operate two cement plants, 75 quarries, 40 asphalt plants, 170 ready-mixed concrete plants, nine concrete and clay products plants, four contract surfacing businesses, six import/export terminals and two slate production facilities.

While strategies change, values don’t. We strive to work as a team – within our group companies and locally with our customers, suppliers and partners. We are action oriented and performance driven. Kingscourt Brick, with a heritage spanning over 100 years of brickmaking, manufactures a diverse range of clay facing bricks to suit all your needs.

As a natural product, clay facing bricks are one of the most sustainable and durable building products. Clay bricks are expected to have a Service Life of at least 150 years provided that the building of which they form part is designed and constructed in accordance with all prevailing Building Regulations and Codes of Practice.

Clay bricks offer the recognised advantages of using materials that offer high thermal mass. Thermal mass is the ability to store heat – red bricks absorb heat throughout the day slowly releasing it at night, ensuring internal temperatures are consistent throughout the day and night.