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Global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelopes.

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Kingspan Insulation has come a long way since its founding in 1965 in Kingscourt, Co Cavan, Ireland. We have grown largely by acquisition and globalisation remains at the heart of our ongoing evolution. While we retain our heritage and culture as a family business, we’ve grown to be the global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelopes. We help our customers and employees to make a difference in tackling climate change.

As part of Kingspan, we design and make premium insulation boards and related products for walls, roofs and floors. We focus on innovation that makes a difference to you: offering thinner, lighter, higher performance with our Kooltherm range.

Supplying Insulation Across Ireland for over 40 Years!
Originally founded in 1980 in Ireland, we are proud to manufacture locally a wide range of high-performance insulation board products for self-builders, DIYers and commercial builders across the country.

Helping you Create Better Buildings for a Better World
Buildings need to deliver more than ever before. Through innovation in advanced materials & digitalisation, we’re helping you create buildings that tackle the sustainability challenges of the future.

Decarbonising products and buildings, enabling circularity, making construction more efficient in terms of time and resources, these are the challenges that we are working on at Kingspan Insulation.

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