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Pipelife Ireland Limited has been in the business of producing quality goods for the Plumbing, Construction and Agricultural sectors for over 50 years, specialising in the extrusion of polyethylene pipe for these applications. The product range has evolved over this time to the latest generation of Qual-PEX thermoplastic pipes which can carry Hot and Cold Water.

Pipelife is Ireland’s leading designer and supplier of thousands of Home Heating Solutions each year. The Pipelife team work with everyone from homeowners, contractors, architects & consulting engineers across the country in projects ranging from residential homes, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, to warehouses, car showrooms and other commercial & industrial buildings.

Pipelife is 100% committed to the correct design, sizing and installation of your home heating solution. Our reputation is built on 50 years of manufacturing history in Ireland and this reputation matters immensely to us. As heating solutions have become more complex we have continually invested in new expertise and technology to ensure we stay to the forefront of this evolution.
You can put your trust in Pipelife. 50+ years of proud Irish manufacturing and supporting Irish jobs.