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Pureheat Technologies is well established as Ireland’s leading infrared heating experts. Based in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Pureheat design and manufacture award-winning range of products for both domestic and commercial applications.

Pureheat Technologies electric heat panels offer savings of up to 60% compared to other heating systems, come with a 60-month guarantee and are designed to last a lifetime. They provide instant infrared warmth, the same type of heat as the sun but in your living space all winter long.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin, the panels are mounted on the ceiling and distribute heat evenly throughout the room, freeing up valuable wall space, and eliminates damp and mould, making buildings easier to maintain.

  • Up to 59% more efficient compared to electric storage heating systems.
  • Ultra-light, discreet space saving design.
  • Pureheat – Up to, 40% more efficient compared to oil central heating

Radiant vs conventional heating.

  • Radiant heat panels are less intrusive than conventional heating systems, requiring less building work and materials during installation.
  • Key installation considerations are few; the provision of an electricity source at each location and a suitable space to hang on a wall or ceiling.
  • As a no maintenance, long life product, there is no risk of having to refurbish or replace the entire system over the years.
  • Unlike conventional heating, there is no requirement for pipework for water, insulation behind the heat source, flues or chimneys, storage of fuel and on-going maintenance.

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