Design and manufacture cellular repeaters to boost internet signal inside homes, offices and ships

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StellaDoradus is a telecommunications technology company based in Waterford, Ireland. StellaDoradus have designed and developed a range of smart cellular repeater products to boost the internet signal inside homes and offices. The repeaters amplify the signal from all operators; boosting 5G 4G and 3G, voice and data. The product eliminates dropped calls and distributes maximum internet speeds.

A range of products are available which will amplify and deliver mobile signal and internet to a variety of customers; from individual households, to products that allow customers to connect unlimited users in large hotels, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, office buildings, cruise ships and vehicle fleets, eliminating the need for wifi management.

Stella Home and Office – Full signal in building with thick concrete walls, insulation and glass.
StellaDoradus have a range of products for your home that will boost voice and text as well as 4G and 3G signal in your home, eliminating dropped calls and sluggish texts whilst giving you the fastest internet speeds available from your operator. Products support unlimited users and will boost the signal from all operators

Stella Marine – Eliminate dropped calls and high satellite costs.
StellaDoradus has a range of products that amplify the cellular operators signal to provide 5G, 4G 3G, voice and texts 30km out to sea. Whether you are working off your own phone or through a router, Stella will amplify the signal, keeping you connected with the fastest speeds available from the operators.

Stella 5G
StellaDoradus is the first company to amplify the broadband signal 5G, 4G 3G as well as ensuring full mobile signal for voice and texts, connecting all areas with thick concrete walls, insulation and glass.
Amplify voice signal 5G, 4G and 3G. Stella have a range of solutions to keep you connected at the office, as well as in manufacturing facilities, hospitals, hotels, ships, vehicles, or at home.


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