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At Wood Flooring Ireland, we pride ourselves on creating exquisite bespoke handmade wood flooring. Every floor is as unique as the person designing and ordering it. Whether you desire straight plank, herringbone flooring, Versailles panels, chevron flooring or a mixture of patterns, we can create your dream floor in any style, plank width and colour. Our luxurious European Oak is carefully sourced from the finest forests, expertly milled by our experienced sawmill team and treated with high quality eco-friendly finishes. All our semi solid – engineered wood flooring is produced onsite here in Cork.

In 2019, after years of research, we decided to go back to our roots and focus on offering a quality bespoke wood flooring range. From our years of experience in the industry, what is important to us is quality and traceability. We wanted to offer our clients a quality European Oak product with the most eco-friendly finish possible. We spent years researching various different wood factories in Europe and we believe we have sourced the finest quality Oak in the world. In Aug 2019 we purchased a finishing line, meaning we now have full control of the finishing process and know exactly how many grams of oil are applied in each process – a product we can stand over 100%. Due to demand, In Dec 2019, we purchased a second line. Wood Flooring Ireland can now produce any floor style in any colour for any client! From forest to floor.