Give your house a modern look with durable facade cladding from Cedral

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Is your facade in need of a makeover? Or are you imagining the facade of the new home that you are going to build?

Fibre-cement sidings are the perfect choice to create a whole variety of modern facade designs. The days that facade boards were only used for cottages are definitely over. And with fibre-cement weatherboards you protect your home from the weather, but also from fire, rot and pests.

The revival of facade cladding

Maybe you know those facade sidings only from American-style cottages or Scandinavian houses in the countryside. But if you think that facade boards are only used for quaint little ‘old-fashioned’ cottages, you better think again. The last few years, facade boards have been used in a whole variety of houses, ranging from good-old traditional to ultra-modern.

Architects increasingly use facade cladding in innovative ways to give buildings a trendy contemporary look. Their endeavours are supported by modern materials that combine great looks with practical functionality, such as fibre-cement facade boards. They come in many styles and colours so that almost any design is possible.

Take a look at Cedral’s projects for some design inspiration.

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How to create a modern facade with cladding?

Wooden facade boards easily get a dated look. Wood doesn’t age very well in the sun and rain, unless you stain or paint it regularly. With Cedral fibre-cement sidings, the colour is factory applied in several layers, so the beauty stays for up to 50 years with minimal maintenance. Simply wipe the weatherboards down with soapy water and your facade will be as new.

Choose from the 21 UV-resistant colours from the Cedral range to give your home that special character. The colour pallet goes from immaculate white to pitch black with many stylish nuances in between. You can go for contemporary neutral shades of beige and grey, or create a more natural feel with browns and blues. But you can also opt for more outspoken colours such as olive green or Scandinavian red. For a totally original and modern touch, you can mix colours or play with different shades of the same colour family.


Horizontal or vertical, to suit your taste

Cedral fibre-cement sidings are extremely versatile. You can fit them horizontally, as is most common, but you can also apply them vertically to give your facade for a trendy look. Vertical planks emphasise the verticality of the building and give your house a more dynamic and unique style. The result is very contemporary. That is probably the reason why it is so popular with architects nowadays.

You can also mix and match different materials. Cedral sidings complement stone, brick or wood wonderfully well. You can accentuate parts of your traditional facade with fibre-cement cladding to give your home a modern look and feel. You could have an annex stand out, or the entrance. With a clever mix of materials, you give your facade more rhythm and style. The possibilities are limitless.


A modern, smooth finish

Cedral facade cladding exists in two different design finishes and installation styles. You can opt for the traditional timber effect, or go the modern way with a smooth granulated finish. With Cedral Lap you create the cottage style as you see often in the US, whereas Cedral Click fits the planks together flush, creating a modern and contemporary façade.

But whatever style you choose, the Cedral fibre-cement weatherboards are all extremely durable, non-flammable, colour-fast and impervious to rot, corrosion, mould and pests. And if you want even more design options with the same robust quality, Cedral also has fibre-cement slates to create a modern facade.


Visit CEDRAL to make your dream house a reality. 


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